Booking Terms & Conditions for Clients

Terms & Conditions for the Provision of Language Service Professionals (LSPs) by BSL Link for Communication Ltd. We will keep your details private. For more information please go to our privacy policy. Please note that to make an enquiry you must be aged 18 years or over.

There are various types of LSPs: British Sign Language (BSL) Interpreters, Speech to Text Reporters (STTRs), Electronic Notetakers (ENTs), Lipspeakers and Relay Interpreters. The type of LSP appropriate for the client, will depend on the specific communication requirements and language preference. Further information is available on the website or by contacting BSL Link for Communication Ltd.

1. Booking Procedure and Confirmation

When a completed request form has been received, BSL Link for Communication Ltd will contact the Requester with the estimated fees. Once the Requester has confirmed acceptance of the estimated fee, a request will be sent out to the freelance LSPs with the date, time, area, and domain, to ask for availability. When an appropriate LSP has been identified the Requester will be contacted again to confirm, before the LSP is formally booked. BSL Link for Communication Ltd will then send a booking confirmation to the Requester and the confirmed LSP. The Terms and Conditions will apply from this point onwards including Cancellation Charges – please refer to section 5, for more information.

2. Preparation

To ensure that the LSP can prepare effectively the Requester is asked to provide any additional information at least four working days in advance of the assignment. All information received is held in the strictest confidence as per the Agency Code of Conduct and that of the appropriate Registering body, e.g., NRCPD. Such material may include PowerPoint presentations, reports, letters, diagrams, notes, agendas, minutes, briefing papers, scripts, visual materials, etc. On the day of the assignment; it is helpful if the Client agrees to meet the LSP 15 minutes before the start of the assignment, especially if working with the LSP for the first time.

3. Fees

The fee will be agreed at the time of booking. As general guidance:

For British Sign Language Interpreters, Relay Interpreters and Lipspeakers there is a three-tier fee structure: A short booking of up to two hours, a half day booking of up to four hours, and a full day booking of up to eight hours. Any hours worked outside these tiers are charged by the hour. Out of office hours and weekends are charged at a higher rate and will be confirmed at the time of booking

Speech to Text Reporters and Electronic Notetakers charge a two-tier rate of half day or full day.

Unless previously arranged as an all-inclusive fee, travel expenses, Agency fee and VAT will be added to the LSP fee and confirmed at the time of booking.

Travel expenses: For Rail travel, only standard class tickets will be purchased. For travel by Car, mileage will be charged at 45p a mile as per HMRC guidance (unless otherwise specified) and cost of car parking will be charged. Air travel and taxi fares will not be paid unless negotiated and agreed by all parties prior to the commencement of the booking.

4. Co-Workers

General Interpreting assignments – It is preferable for two LSP’s to be booked for most assignments lasting over one hour or if the assignment is very intensive / demanding. For example, a training session, team meeting, if there are multiple Deaf people or a large audience is expected. The Requester should make sure accurate information is given at the time of the booking so that the required number of LSPs can be correctly assessed. If the Requester has already booked a co-worker, details of the co-worker must be given to BSL Link for Communication Ltd at the time of the booking.

If a co-worker has been booked but fails to attend, then the LSP attending may decide to charge an additional 50% for the extra workload and will need regular breaks every 30 minutes or so.

Office Interpreting – One Interpreter may be sufficient as long as there are natural breaks throughout the day.

5. Cancellations

Once the LSP has been confirmed the following charges will be made if the Requester cancels the booking:

  • Cancellation with 7 days notice or less – Full fee payable
  • Cancellation with 8 – 14 days notice – Half fee payable
  • Cancellation with 15 days notice or more – No fee payable

6. General Conduct

The LSP provided by BSL Link for Communication Ltd will follow the Code of Ethics as set out by BSL Link for Communication Ltd and by their respective professional bodies. All LSPs provided by BSL Link for Communication Ltd shall be appropriately trained and registered with their professional body such as NRCPD (the National Register of Communication Professionals working with Deaf and Deafblind People) and ANP (Association of Notetaking Professionals).

The Requester and Client are asked to respect the role of the Agency and must not try to book the freelance services of the LSP independently in relation to any follow up assignments relevant to the original booking for a period of six (6) months, following the end of the last completed booking. If the Requester and/or Client feel that the LSP is trying to arrange work on a freelance basis, then the Requester and/or Client is asked to contact BSL Link for Communication Ltd.

7. Failure to attend

If the Client fails to attend the booking the LSP will wait approximately 20 to 40 minutes before leaving the premises, after consultation with the organiser if possible. This will be applicable to all assignments with the full and agreed fee still payable. If the LSP fails to attend the Requester and/or Client should inform BSL Link for Communication Ltd as soon as possible.

8. Payment of Invoices

BSL Link for Communication Ltd will invoice the client for the full amount within 28 days following the assignment. Invoices from BSL Link for Communication Ltd must be paid within 28 days from the date on the Invoice. If the Invoice from BSL Link for Communication Ltd is not paid within 28 days, an amended invoice will be sent to the client with an additional 10% charge – which will be added to every seven calendar days to cover administrative costs and time.

9. Complaints Procedure

If the Requester or Client wishes to make a Complaint regarding the service of the Agency or the conduct of the LSP, then a Complaints form can be completed online or sent to BSL Link for Communication Ltd, PO Box 438, Burgess Hill, RH15 5ER. The Complaint will be investigated by BSL Link for Communication Ltd and appropriate action taken. The Requester or Client will be notified of the result of the investigation and any decision made within 28 days of receipt of the Complaint.

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