Lockdown Learning - Online Courses

Due to the restrictions imposed by COVID-19, we are not able to offer face to face training sessions at present so we have created a variety of courses that have been designed for online learning.
Tessa Padden, a qualified Deaf Interpreter and Translator, BSL Teacher trainer and a teacher of BSL and Linguistics at University level is able to offer the following courses via Zoom for groups of up to 10 people. The training will be delivered in BSL.
How to write BSL Course Lesson plans, Aims, Objectives and Outcomes.

A three hour seminar and discussion session with practical work to focus on structuring Lessons for L2 courses.

How to write an academic essay for BSL Levels 4 and 6.

A two hour session on how to research and successfully structure an academic essay on BSL topics such as Linguistics. Previous participants on L6 courses have achieved over 90% for their essay component.

Discussion on Classroom Management

A three hour discussion, including a Q & A session on Classroom Management tactics. The session will focus on various classroom dynamics; how to prevent Learners using speech during class, how to deal with difficult Learners, how to manage disruptive and/or inattentive Learners.

How to appropriately correct erroneous and inaccurate Sign Language use in Learners

A two hour seminar and discussion on using different tactics and strategies to support Learners with their Sign Language use from Level 1 upwards. Inappropriate correction and/or criticism can negatively affect learning potential and confidence so it is important to understand how best to approach this aspect to encourage positive development in Learners.

How to introduce fingerspelling and increase fluency

A three hour workshop on how to promote and develop natural fingerspelling patterns and increase fluency from Level 1 upwards. Discussions on suitable teaching activities to enhance fingerspelling and increase Learner confidence in both production and reception.

How to teach BSL Semantics and Contextual signs.

A two hour Linguistics session focusing on how to teach Learners to recognise the importance of context and meaning when transferring some English words into BSL, e.g; break, back, experience, challenge, beautiful and so forth.

BSL and Makaton – how to recognise the difference.

A practical one hour workshop with examples of both BSL and Makaton and a Q & A.

Functions of Language – What does this mean and how to teach the concept.

A one hour lecture on language function and a discussion on how to incorporate this concept in to lesson plans when teaching different levels of BSL.

What is taboo in language learning?

A one hour lecture on taboos in language learning and how to heed Equality and Equal Opportunities while teaching.

How to achieve successful group and classroom dynamics.

A two hour workshop to discuss and focus on managing Learner dynamics. Is pair work suitable for language learning? Are large groups or small groups preferable for practical work? How to prepare a rota to encourage Learners to turn-take and participate in signing demonstrations.

Second Language teaching methods – how to decide which to use with different BSL Levels.

A three hour workshop, including clear demonstrations, on various Language methods and how best to incorporate them in your lesson plans - Direct Experience Method, Audiolingual Method, Desuggestopaedia, Communicative Method and so forth.

How to deliver appropriate language activities to improve weak areas in Learner development.

A two hour seminar plus Q & A to include discussion on how to develop BSL Linguistic elements such as weak grammar, syntax, NMF and fingerspelling.

How to structure a clear presentation to successfully engage your audience.

A one hour workshop, demonstration and Q & A to develop presentation skills.

For fees, to arrange a date and time and for any further information, please email training@bsl-link4comm.co.uk.

Please specify the title/s of the workshop/s that interest you.