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Due to COVID-19, we can confirm that our scheduled Skills and Assessment days on 27th June, 2020 will be online. The Level 6 Diploma in Sign Language Interpreting and Translation Part 1 course will be delivered online until further notice.

Signature – Level 6 Diploma in Sign Language Interpreting and Translation 

Course Lead: Byron Campbell 

Trainers: The training team will include a mix of Deaf and hearing people with proven skills and experience in their respective fields of work. 

Venue: Online until further notice

Information and Assessment day: 27th June, 2020 

English, BSL, Interpreting and/or Translation skills will be assessed before entry onto the course. 

Dates: 4th/5th July, 1st/2nd August, 5th/6th September, 3rd/4th October, 7th/8th November, 5th/6th and 19th/20th December 2020. 

Fee: £2,600 all inclusive 

Course Overview

Replacing the NVQ Diploma, this new qualification from Signature is aimed at Deaf and hearing people who are aspiring to, or are currently working in the field of Sign Language Interpreting and/or Translation. The qualification is in two parts so candidates must successfully complete Part 1 and at least one stream in Part 2 to achieve RSLI or RSLT status.   

The course is delivered using a range of methods including lectures, discussions and practical exercises. It is suitable for candidates with Level 6 BSL, good English skills and a desire to work within Signed Language interpreting or translation fields. 

Part 1 – Theories and Principles of Interpreting and Translation 


Part 1 covers the underpinning theories and principles of interpreting and translation. It is mandatory for all candidates.  

Learning outcomes:  

1)    Analyse and evaluate key theories and principles in interpreting and translation 

2)    Maintain skills and systems for interpreting and translation tasks

3)    Prepare for interpreting and translation assignments

4)    Plan and implement continuous professional development

Candidates must successfully complete Part 1 before moving on to Part 2. 

This 14-day training programme, delivered once a month over seven weekends will focus on the theories, principles and strategies of BSL/English or BSL/ASL interpreting, relay interpreting and/or BSL/English translation.  

As part of our Part 1 training and assessment programme, we will be offering candidates the opportunity to register with NRCPD as trainees. When candidates are ready and working to the required level, we will put you in touch with a Supervisor that will be able to endorse your NRCPD application. 

Part 2 – Undertake professional interpreting and translation assignments 

Entry requirements: A skills assessment is required for entry onto Part 2. This will be held in January, 2021.  

Dates: The course will commence in 30th January, 2021.  

Fee: £3,000 all inclusive 

Venue: West Sussex - Venue to be confirmed 


Part 2 covers the practical skills required for professional interpreting and translating and is divided into four areas of practice, called ‘Streams’. Candidates have the option to specialise in one or more Streams 

Stream 1: Interpret between a spoken and a Signed language (Optional)  

Stream 2: Interpret between two Signed languages (Optional)  

Stream 3: Interpret within the same Signed language (Optional)  

Stream 4: Translate between a written and a Signed language (Optional)  

Learning outcomes for all Streams:  

1)    Carry out interpreting tasks as a professional interpreter 

2)    Work as part of a team of professional interpreters and translators 

3)    Use technology effectively to perform remote interpreting assignments 

4)    Carry out translation tasks as a professional translator

5)    Evaluate performance as a professional interpreter or translator  

Candidates who wish to specialise in more than one stream, are required to undertake assessments in all their chosen Streams. 

There will be Trainer and Assessor support throughout the programme.  

This 8-day training programme, delivered once a month over four weekends, is designed for those who have completed a Part 1 Theory and Practice programme and have experience of working as an Interpreter/Translator. 

This part of the qualification will have a series of internal and external, Signature, assessments that will run throughout the programme. There will be specific assessment days for each stream. 

At the end of the qualification, successful candidates will be able to:  

  • Demonstrate good practice in their area of professional activity 
  • Demonstrate their ability to carry out interpreting or translation assignments to a professional standard
  • Be fully aware of the role of the professional interpreter or translator and the principles of professional practice 
  • Evaluate and reflect on performance 
  • Promote personal and professional development

Course Lead: Byron has over 40 years of experience working as an Interpreter in every domain. As a trainer, he has designed and delivered a wide variety of Interpreter training courses including the Level 6 NVQ qualification and Police and Court courses. He has also lectured on University training programmes and at national Interpreter conferences. 

If you have any questions or wish to apply for the Information and Assessment day, please contact 

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